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fix all corrupted video files or videos can't be rendered

recently i have made a video using my phone camera and after i saved it its not opening in my phone 
although it shows its 2 gigabyte but now opening , i thought it was my phone problem so i moved it
to my pc i tried to open it but the same problem not opening any more

"it show a message " fix all corrupted video files or videos can't be rendered 

i searched the internet for about two hours ihave installed a number of programs but nothing worked most of them was a malware virus or not helping abit just afake  ass programs .

but at the end i have founf the most working program i fixed my video like apro 

so i searched its crack and found it 

i have made this video to show how to fix your video with that program .....

tell me in the comments if you faced any problem with that program ....
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